Native American Craft Day

March 18th

9am to 12pm

Family Fun Day in March will focus on Native American crafts. A beading craft for all ages and levels! We will be displaying examples of beaded objects from the collections with modern creations. Than try …

Confessions of a Forensic Anthropologist

March 30, 2017

7 pm to 9 pm

ISU Ballroom

Do you enjoy TV shows like Bones, CSI, or Dexter?

Then Confessions of a Forensic Anthropologist is for you! Aaron Harker, a forensic anthropologist, of the Chubbuck Police Department will …

Predators: In My Backyard

Lions, tigers, and bears oh my!

March 8th – 4pm to 6pm

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

This month in my backyard explores predators. With 3D skull models from Idaho Virtualization Lab we will compare prehistoric and modern predators. We will be exploring …