Fun in the Sun

July 22nd

9am to 12pm

Got Sunblock

Ouch! I got a sunburn! Join us for this month’s family fun day where we will explore the importance of safety in the sun. How does sunscreen work? Why are my sunglasses so important? Get …

Touch & Look Day

July 18th

9 am to 11 am

Look and Feel  Day (Pre-K to 2nd grade)– Kids will be able to see, touch and feel objects from nature and view nature objects in microscopes.

This is a free event in our …

Ecosystems: In My Backyard

July 12th

4pm to 6pm

This month’s In my backyard will explore different types of ecosystems and biomes from the tundra, to forests, to desert. They will learn about characteristics of animals and plants that have adapted to live in …