Recycle Sculpture Competition

The museum is hosting an on-site recycle sculpture building contest. Teams can pre-register for $5 or day of for $8. The team can be of composed of family, youth group, scouts, etc.  The teams will provide their own recyclable trash for the sculpture.  Sculptures will be created at the museum in our Discovery Room from 9 am to 2 pm. Judges from the community will use a scoring rubric to score each pieces.  The first place winner will receive 150 dollars, second place will receive 100 dollars, and thirds place will receive 50 dollars.

Contest Rules
Individuals or teams may create a sculpture. Materials for the sculpture will be supplied by the artist. Limit one
sculpture per team. Preregistration fee is $5 for participating in this contest. You can registrar at the competition,
October 15th with an $8 fee.

1. At least 70% of the sculpture must be constructed using primarily something previously used that would normally berecycleitems1
thrown away or recycled after it is used (Examples: plastic bags, cardboard, plastic bottles, soda cans, newspaper).
2. Glue, nails, adhesives, and other materials needed to hold the sculpture together are permissible; these items should not be
a focal point. Consider using only repurposed materials to hold your piece together (twist ties, old string, etc.).
3. Make sure all recycled materials are visible (not covered up). Do not use paint, crayons, or markers on the sculpture.
Judges will want to see the actual recyclables and other materials used in the sculpture.
4. Sculpture may not exceed approximately 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. Sculpture may not weigh more than approximately 25 lbs.
Sculpture must be able to sit, stand, or hang (mobile) independently. Sculpture cannot hang on walls.
5. All materials used in the construction of the sculpture must be clean, odor-free, non-perishable, non-toxic, and non-gasemitting.
6. Sculpture must be easily portable without falling apart. All parts must be permanently fixed.
7. Sculptures may NOT contain any material that may be offensive. All sculptures must be “family friendly” (nothing
obscene or offensive)
8. Sculptures may not have been previously shown or entered in any other contest or displayed prior to the recycled sculpture
contest. Previous entries in this contest may not be resubmitted.
9. All sculptures must have a title. Be creative.
10. Producers of this contest reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not adhere to these rules and information
contained within this document.

Registration Deadline: A registration form must be received by Monday, October 10, 2016 to receive the $5
fee. Registration after October 10th will be subject to an $8 registration fee.
Creating Sculptures: Sculptures will be created at the Idaho Museum of Natural History, in the Discovery
Room, on October 15th from 9 am to 2 pm.

Judging: Judging will occur at 3pm and winners will be announced at 4pm.

Display: Sculptures will be on display in the Idaho Museum of Natural History’s gallery from October 16th – October
28th. Sculptures can be picked up after the 28th. Any sculptures not picked up by November 11th will be discarded.

Prizes: First prize $150, Second prize $100, and Third prize $50.

Judging: Each sculpture will be judged for subject matter, construction methods, innovative use of recyclable materials, and if rules were followed
by the participants.

Pick Up: Sculptures can be picked up after the October 28th. Any sculptures not picked up by November 11th will be discarded.

For questions please call 208-282-2195

To register for the Recycle Sculpture Competition: CLICK HERE