Kid’s After School Classes: Animal Bone Identification Lab in March!


Does your child love animals, bones, skulls, or all of the above?  Our next children’s after school class will focus exclusively on bones!  The IMNH specializes in fun, hands-on, classes activities to get your young learner excited about science and …

Take a Tour on the Collection’s Side


Hear directly from our renowned researchers and curators as they walk you through collections not on view to the public and update you on their latest research and fieldwork. Join us and take a peek at the extraordinary things that …

Fossil Find at American Falls

Fossil Find at American Falls
Check out this video of our latest find.

Fossil Find at American Falls
A 72,000-year-old mammoth skull is unearthed at American Falls Reservoir in Idaho. Paleontologists and other specialists from the Idaho Museum of Natural History, Bureau of Reclamation, and