Educator Resources

The Idaho Museum of Natural History reaches over 10,000 children annually through outreach programs, guided tours, and after school classes. As the state museum of natural history, the Education Resources Center offers unique educational materials and classes for teachers and students from the Snake River Plain, into the Panhandle, and beyond. We at the ERC believe that learning is an exciting, ongoing process and work hard to offer, fun, customized experiences to learners of all ages and abilities.  Our after school classes and activities are a great way to get kids excited about sciences. 

Activities, field trips, and classes can be customized and catered to any audience and subject and are provided free or at minimal cost. Contact the Education Resources Office, at 208-282-2195 or email: for more information or to register for any of our exciting after school classes listed below.

Field Trips and Guided Tours

Whether you’re visiting with a group of five or 50, the Idaho Museum of Natural History can offer your students an authentic experience like none other. We customize field trip experiences to encompass all areas of STEM education in alignment with the Idaho State Standards. Exhibit Interpreters and Museum staff offer insight on gallery exhibitions while the Science Discovery Center offers a free-choice learning environment for scientific discovery.  Contact the ERC for more information: 208-282-2195

Community Outreach Programs

Teachers are faced with many challenges in the modern classroom, not the least of which are time and financial resources. If a visit to the Museum is not in your budget, the ERC can come to you! Our mobile museum is available to schools and qualified programs throughout the state to provide your students with a unique museum experience, without the travel. Contact the ERC for more information: 208-282-2195 

Educational Resources and Materials

Interactions with real specimens and artifacts provide meaningful learning experiences that last a lifetime. The ERC has an extensive library offering resources and materials to Idaho educators to supplement their existing curriculum and satisfy state standards. Books, videos, Discovery Boxes, and learning activity plans are available to educators and learning leaders within Idaho.  Contact the ERC for more information: 208-282-2195 

Rebecca Thorne- Ferrel Discovery Center

The Rebecca Thorne- Ferrel Discovery Center has long been a resource enjoyed by families, educators, and visitors of all ages. The free-choice learning environment provides children authentic experiences in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and inspires a love of science and an appreciation for lifelong learning.