Museum Staff

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Bill Angle
Store/Gallery Manager (208) 282-3317 store/gallery (208) 282-5893 fax

Janet Bala, MS
Life Sciences Collections, Manager Ray J. Davis Herbarium (208) 282-2815

Amy Commendador, MS
Manager, Earl H. Swanson Archaeological Repository (208) 282-3042

Dr. Herbert Maschner
Research Curator, Division Head Anthropology (208) 282-5417

Curt Schmitz
Museum Registrar (208) 282-2603 

Faith Tan
Administrative Assistant to the Director (208) 282-3168

Dr. Leif Tapanila
Interim Director of IMNH, Research Curator, Division Head Earth Sciences (208) 282-3871

Amber Tews, MS
Collections Manager, Anthropology (208) 282-2451

Dr. Mary Thompson
Senior Collections Manager, Collections Manager, Earth Sciences (208) 282-4151

Becky Hansis-O’Neill, MS
Education Specialist (208) 282-2195

Dr. Charles “Rick” Williams
Research Curator, Division Head Life Sciences Ray J. Davis Herbarium (208) 282-2948