Gallery Closed April to June

The IMNH Gallery and Store will be closed beginning Friday, April 12th at 5:00 pm for remodeling and installation of new exhibits. We will be closed until sometime in late June.
Watch this space for our upcoming announcements about the …

Earth Sciences

Earth SciencesIdaho Geology
From minerals to fossils, unearth the natural resources Idaho has to offer. Discover and learn about the geology found right here in Idaho including its fossils, minerals, and gems. With hands-on activities, learn how our mountains are built …

Earth Sciences Division


Invertebrate Paleontology | Geology | Vertebrate Paleontology | Paleobotany |Comparative Osteology

earthscienceThe Earth Sciences Division collects and studies the natural history of Earth’s rock, mineral, and fossil record, and protects them for future generations.

Our collections focus on the …