Idaho’s Incredible Rivers

Ron Watters– Keynote Speaker

September 17, 2016 11 am to 12 pm

Idaho’s Incredible Rivers: Journeys Past and Present.RonWatters

It was pretty much a given, considering his name, that Ron Watters would gravitate to water. The waterways of Idaho drew him like a siren song, and he has spent much of his lifetime canoeing, kayaking and rafting Idaho’s rivers. He is the author of eight books including the newly revised Guide to Idaho Paddling which he and his wife Kathy Daly authored together. Among his other books is a biography of the Idaho doctor and kayaking legend Walt Blackadar. He has owned an outdoor manufacturing business, an outdoor retail store, a small publishing company, and for many years served as director of the ISU Outdoor Program. He is currently the chair of the National Outdoor Book Awards and continues to teach outdoor education courses at Idaho State as a part time faculty member with the Sports Science Department.
This event is free, in our Discovery Room, and made possible by the Idaho Humanities Council.