Idaho Museum of Natural History Part of Idaho Gives Campaign

Idaho Gives is a special day for philanthropy across Idaho: a day for nonprofits to tell their stories and share their work, which enriches communities throughout our state. It’s a day for Idahoans to come together with one voice of support for our nonprofits, big and small. On May 7, 2015, join us here to find your passion, donate to your favorite causes, learn about new nonprofits, and share in the excitement!  The Idaho Museum of Natural History is raising funds to help improve our scientific exploration and play area, the Rebecca Thorne-Ferrel Discovery Center!  The Discovery Center has always been free to the public, and we think it’s high time we update the room to better serve Idaho citizens and students visiting the museum of field trips. 

More information on our Idaho Gives Campaign is listed below.  Want to contribute? Click here. 

Idaho Gives 2016

The Rebecca Thorne-Ferrel Discovery Center at the Idaho Museum of Natural History provides an interactive learning environment for children.

The Rebecca Thorne-Ferrel Discovery Center at the Idaho Museum of Natural History has long been a resource enjoyed by families, educators, and visitors of all ages. The free-choice learning environment provides children authentic experiences in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and inspires a love of science and an appreciation for lifelong learning. Founded by Rebecca Thorne-Ferrel, the Discovery Center has been a mainstay in the Pocatello Community, and is the only resource of its kind in the Pocatello area. Free-of-charge, the Discovery Center is open to children of all socioeconomic levels and provides an opportunity for self directed play for children visiting with tour groups. In a world where children often do not get a say in their own educational activities, the Discovery Center provides a space where young learners can exercise their natural propensity to learn about the word around them through play and free choice. Visitors can compare the weight of different kinds of rocks, look at different types of animal skulls, complete puzzles, read books, or play with our collection of dinosaur toys! After many years in operation, however, the Discovery Center needs a few updates! Any funding from Idaho Gives for the Discovery Center will be used to improve the objects in our playroom and add new activities for our visitors to enjoy.

Every contribution makes a difference!

$15 New Science Toy

Science related toys (gyroscopes, dinosaurs, legos, magnets) are an integral part of the play room and occasionally need replaced. Your donation will help us retire old toys and add new ones to the play room.

$25 Lab Coat and Goggles

We provide our miniature scientists with everything they need to fully immerse themselves in imaginative play.

$50 Science Reading Station

Have you ever wanted a cozy corner to just relax and flip through a book? We would like to add just this kind of corner to our Discovery Center! Donations will go towards books, seats, and a book shelf.

$75 Interactive Anthropology Station

Our anthropology station will include a large-sized loom where young archaeologists can practice traditional weaving skills.

$100 Digital Microscope Station

Our old dissecting microscopes are not kid friendly, and their bulbs burn out quickly. A digital microscope system would allow us to build a more permanent station with kid friendly equipment.

$250 Interactive Engineering Station

This hands-on activity will be a blast! Visitors will be able to engineer a tennis ball transport system that would make Rube Goldberg envious.

$500 Discovery Center Theater System

What’s a museum without a theater? With a new projector, computer, and speakers, the Discovery Center can double as an educational theater for the museum.

$1,000 Labor for Installing Theater System

Mounting the projector and our already purchased 14’ screen costs a pretty penny.

$2,500 Trout in the Classroom Expansion

We are proud to work with Idaho Fish and Game to bring Trout in the Classroom to our Discovery Center. Money for an expansion would allow us to make a more engaging exhibit, and perhaps add a few friends for our trout!