When Giants Roamed

Idaho didn’t always have such a calm landscape… Are you ready to learn what Idaho was like “When Giants Roamed?”

Bison skulls.

The skull of Bison latifrons compared to a smaller, modern, bison.

Idaho during the prehistoric period (up until around 10,000 years ago) was a vastly different environment than today. These lands were home to a wide variety of life forms. Animals of all shapes and sizes roamed the natural landscape with a diverse array of plant life. We have specimens on display from  the Giant Sloth (on loan from the Museum of Idaho) and the largest bison that ever lived, the Bison latifrons. With these large animals came the predators that hunted them: the Dire Wolves, Short-faced Bears, and Sabre-toothed Cats.  Visit the Idaho Museum of Natural History and learn about these giants, the environment they lived in, what they ate, and how humans interacted with them.