Earth Sciences

Earth SciencesIdaho Geology
From minerals to fossils, unearth the natural resources Idaho has to offer. Discover and learn about the geology found right here in Idaho including its fossils, minerals, and gems. With hands-on activities, learn how our mountains are built by domino-like faults, piece together the complex history of geologic time, and play with our giant plate tectonics jigsaw puzzle.

Trackways of Idaho
The footprints of ancient animals are on display, preserved on sandstone from southern Idaho. Tracks from spiders, dinosaurs and early mammals are as fresh as if they were made yesterday, except these animals roamed Idaho nearly 200 million years ago!

Ice-age Megafauna
Discover the rich fossil history of our region with the Pleistocene Megafauna exhibit. Look at and touch real fossils. Imagine a paleontology dig site with the Tolo Lake Mammoth excavation exhibit, part of the dig site transported and captured in time for public viewing. See the large skeletons of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed Idaho, including saber tooth cats, giant bison and the state fossil – the Hagerman horse. In addition, watch as staff from the museum prepare new specimens and construct casts in the Paleo Lab.