Fix a Broken Wolf Skull

At the Idaho Museum of Natural History, the staff and students in the Idaho Virtualization Lab spend their time scanning museum collections and creating 3D models of those objects.  Some items come to us broken.  Our crack team of model makers fixes them right up using computer software.  On this page you will find a broken museum specimen that you can download and fix using the free software embeded in the page.  If you don’t want to fix our broken specimen, you can simply play with the sculpting software.  Be sure to share you wonderful creations with us!   What you need: A web browser that can handle iframes and WebGL  Newer web browsers will often have both capabilities without any changes needed.  

Getting started:

  1. Download the broken skull here.  You can see the unbroken skull here.  
  2. Unzip the files and upload Busted_Wolf.obj
  3. In SculptGL click Scene->Clear scene.  The sphere should disappear. 
  4. Upload the broken skull using the files import/export dialogue located in the upper left of the SculptGL window.  Can’t see SculptGL?  Click here. 
  5. Get sculpting! Learn more about functions and hotkeys here and a SculptGL tutorial here.
  6. Share your creation with us! facebook twitter email 

SculptGL is a Chrome Experiment created by Stephane Ginier using WebGL.  Check to see if you have WebGL here.