K-12 and Adult Field Trips at IMNH

Interested in coming to the IMNH with your class, home school students, daycare, after school group, boy or girl scout troop, or birthday party? Give us a call!   


Please schedule your field trip with the education office by calling (208)282-2195 or email: waklashe@isu.edu or fill out the form

Benefits to Scheduling The Wheel of Diet

  • Tour tailored to your group’s needs
  • Developmentally appropriate presentations
  • Your group will not accidentally overlap with other scheduled tours
  • An educational activity can be added to your tour

Cost:Mammoth Murder Mystery

If you are representing a cost restricted group please call us for more information. 

K-12 Groups

Chaperoning Adults: Free

Students: $2

Adult or Other Groups

$7 per Adult

Whether you’re visiting with a group of five or 50, the Idaho Museum of Natural History can offer your students an authentic experience like none other. We customize field trip experiences to encompass all areas of STEM education in alignment with the Idaho State Standards. Exhibit Interpreters and Museum staff offer insight on gallery exhibitions while the Science Discovery Center offers a free-choice learning environment for scientific discovery.  Contact the ERC for more information: 208-282-2195 or email: waklashe@isu.edu   Cost: $2 per student. Teachers and volunteers are free.