Director’s Challenge offers families free Saturday entertainment at the museum

Logo_DCPocatello, Idaho-The director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH) at Idaho State University (ISU) has created a summer programming series aimed at giving families a creative avenue to learn about science, solve problems, and have fun together!


Director Dr. Leif Tapanila explains, “I wanted to create an activity where families could solve a challenge together.  I’m always surprised at home how much my kids learn through play.  We hope to give families that experience here at the museum. ”


Families will be provided a challenge such as “make a musical instrument” and supplies with which to accomplish the challenge.  If the family is able to complete the goal, the museum will provide a modest reward.  A total of six challenges will be offered on several Saturdays throughout the summer from 1-5pm.  While participating in the Director’s Challenge is free, participants will still need to pay admission if they want to visit the museum gallery.


June 11th – Parachute Challenge

Use household items to construct a parachute for toy dinosaurs, army men, anything really!

June 25th– Protect the Egg Challenge

Use household items to construct a landing module for a dropped chicken egg.

July 2nd– Paper Engineering Challenge

Use office supplies to construct a structure that can hold a book 6inches above the ground.

July 16th– Musical Instrument Challenge

Use household items to make a musical instrument.

August 6th-Solar Oven Challenge

Construct a solar oven and cook a s’more using sunshine!

August 20th – Nest Challenge

Engineer a bird nest and see how many eggs it can hold.

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