IMNH’s archives contains: film & audio recordings, photographic media, accession & exhibit records, & copies of our in-house publications. These records are specific to IMNH as an entity, and are the responsibility of the Registrar. They include original accession documentation for all collections, legal, copyright, and other records about the Museum’s past. Documentation related to individual specimens and collections such as field records, site or locality information, specimen catalogs, object photographs, site maps, etc. are maintained by the individual Collection Divisions.

For collection specific information, please contact the Collections Manager in charge of the collection you are interested in.

Earth Sciences:

Dr. Mary E. Thompson
Senior Collections Manager
(208) 282-4151
FAX 208-282-5893

Life Sciences

Ms. Janet Bala
Collections Manager Life Sciences
(208) 282-2815


Amber M. Tews
Anthropology Collection Manager
(208) 282-2451 . FAX 208-282-5893