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Managing Archeological Collections by the National Park Service

Areas of Responsibility for Repositories

Intermountain Antiquities Computer System (IMACS) Guide

Idaho Museum of Natural History

Idaho State University

Department of Anthropology, ISU

Center for Archaeology, Materials and Applied Spectroscopy (CAMAS)

Idaho State Historical Society

Alfred W. Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology (Archaeological Survey of Idaho Northern Repository)

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Preservation Idaho

Idaho Professional Archaeological Council

Idaho Archaeological Society

National Register of Historic Places: Pocatello, Idaho

Archaeology and the Law


National Park Service: Laws, Executive Orders & Regulations

American Antiquities Act of 1906 as amended (16 USC 431-433)

Archeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974 as amended (16 USC 469-469c-2)

Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979, as amended (16 USC 470aa-mm)

Archeology Laws; A guide for professionals

Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archeological Collections (36 CFR 79)

Preservation of American Antiquities (43 CFR 3)

Protection of Archeological Resources (43 CFR 7)

Historic Sites Act of 1935 as amended (16 USC 461-467)

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 as amended (42 USC 4321, and 4331 – 4335)

National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended (16 USC 470 et seq.)

National Historic Landmarks Program (36 CFR 65)

National Register of Historic Places (36 CFR 60)

Determinations of Eligibility for Inclusion in the National Register (36 CFR 63)

State of Idaho:

General Statutes

Protection of Graves

Idaho Archaeological Survey

State Historical Society


Treaties/Ceded Lands Issues – Tribal Rights