Collections and Research

Museum collections make connections

Op-ed appeared in Idaho State Journal, July 14, 2017

By Dr. Leif Tapanila, IMNH Director

You all know the Kevin Bacon game. Try to find a connection between Kevin Bacon and any actor in less than six moves. Turns out that 98 percent of all the 2.3 million people...Read More »

Fossil Day!

Mary Thompson (Senior Collections Manager), Alex Pacioretty (museum intern), Andrew Haddock (museum intern), and Ashley Ferguson (BLM intern) spent a day with Henry’s Fork Elementary’s 4th grade class in St. Anthony, Idaho.






The 4th graders (approximately 200 students) were exploring fossils from Owyhee...Read More »

2017 Natural History Hero Award

The Idaho Museum of Natural History is honored to present this year’s 2017 Natural History Hero award recipient-Dr. Karl E. Holte, Emeritus Professor of Botany. Dr. Holte began teaching at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho in the fall of 1965, both undergraduate and graduate level courses, including...Read More »

Dire Wolf Research at IMNH

Dr. Angela Perri, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Lepzig, Germany, was at the IMNH last week. She is studying and sampling DNA from dire wolves from two southeast Idaho fossil sites.

Perri’s research questions are:

  • are the dire wolves from Idaho really dire wolves
  • are they a...Read More »

Giant Bison 3D Scanning

Travis Helm, intern at the IVL, scanning “Humpty Dumpty”

Nicholas Clement, IVL Assistant Manager, processing 3D scan of a bison skull.

The John A. White Paleontological Repository (JAW) at the IMNH...Read More »

Grace Lutheran Science Fair

Science is alive and well and happening in our local schools.

Student projects being viewed by fellow students in the new Grace Lutheran High School Gym.

Student project – homemade doggie treadmill for exercising dogs...Read More »

Idaho Botanical Foray 2016

Salmon-Challis National Forests, Little Lost River Drainage

By Dr.Rick Williams,  Janet Bala, and Pam Reschke

Each year herbarium staff, students, Idaho Native Plant Society members, and friends come together for a long weekend to survey and collect plant specimens representing different regions of Idaho at the Idaho Botanical Foray. This is...Read More »

Unique Holiday Gifts for that Natural History Buff

3D Printed Gifts and Ornaments 

Idaho Virtualization Lab

Do you have a Natural History buff in the family? Someone who is hard to buy for? Look no further than the unique holiday gift ideas from the Idaho Virtualization Lab! The IVL is selling 3D printed earrings, pendants, and ornaments on their Read More »

Collection Managers Attend Disaster Planning

From the desk of Amber Tews (Anthropology Collections Manager)

In a continued effort to maintain the collections for years to come IMNH collection managers attended disaster planning workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Idaho State University Eli M. Oboler Library. The disaster planning workshop was provided by Western States and...Read More »

NASA funds science based internships for young women at Idaho Museum of Natural History

The NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium (NASA ISGC) has generously funded a pilot intern program for young women in the Idaho Virtualization Lab (IVL), a research group within the Idaho Museum of Natural History at Idaho State University.

Lili Pruett scans a...Read More »

Volunteers at the Museum

This past month the Ray J. Davis Herbarium has been fortunate to have members of the ID-Upper Snake Chapter of the Idaho Master Naturalist Program volunteer about 50 hours of their time. On Tuesday April 26th, five of them spent part of a day making plant vouchers. This involves laying...Read More »

IVL Skeletal Renders

Harbor Porpoise

A short series of renders of Skeletal Assemblies created from 3d scans of individual bones.