Idaho Museum of Natural History Featured in Idaho Magazine

In the March 2015 issue of Idaho Magazine the Idaho Museum of Natural History’s work is featured on the cover and in the article, “Elephant in the Reservoir: At Low Water Levels, a Stunning Find” written by Jennifer Huang from …

Stories of American Indian Code Talkers Revealed in Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition

“My language was my weapon.”

—David Patterson (Navajo), 4th Div., U.S. Marine Corps.

When the United States issued the call to arms in World Wars I and II, American Indians answered as warriors. Some men discovered that words—in their Native …

Idaho State University Researchers Solve Mysteries of Ancient “Shark” w/ Spiral-Toothed Jaw; Results Published in Royal Society’s Journal Biology Letters

ISU Headlines
February 27, 2013

Helicoprion Tooth Whorl Render.

Helicoprion Tooth Whorl Render.

Using CAT scans and making 3-D virtual reconstructions of the jaws of the ancient fish Helicoprion, Idaho State University researchers have solved some of the mysteries surrounding large spiral fossils of …