Computer RequiredDigital Exercises:

This is a collection of computer required exercises created for the Digital Atlas of Idaho. Links with a "H" have handouts that you can use for that exercise.

Digital Lessons:
Exploring Idaho's Wildlife: (A series of digital lessons)
    How to identify a species using morphology and creating a dichotomous key
       Dichotomous key quiz: sample species- Butterflies

        Create you own dichotomous key exercise.
    Using a dichotomous key: Emerald Empire Resource Area
    Using a dichotomous key: SRBPNCA-Bruneau Resource Area
    Using a dichotomous key: Caribou National Forest
    Creating a species checklist for the: Emerald Empire Resource Area
    Creating a species checklist for the:
SRBPNCA-Bruneau Resource Area
    Creating a species checklist for the:
Caribou National Forest
    Predicting a species occurrence from habitat - Caribou National Forest
    Creating a species/habitat matrix for lizards of SRBPNCA - CADViewer
    Spadefoot distribution - an ArcExplorer exercise
    Habitat type samples
Amphibian Identification Exercise H
Butterfly Identification Exercise H
Butterfly Lesson
Biology and the Digital Atlas H
Create a Dichotomous Key for Butterflies
Create a Dichotomous Key for Amphibians
Create a Dichotomous Key for Reptiles
Habitats in Caribou National Forest H
Name that Mammal H
Reptile Identification Exercise H

Clouds & Condensation H
Clouds & Rainfall H
General Climate Concepts H
Introduction to Climatology H
Name that Cloud H
Weather Station Tour H

Agriculture & Irrigation Research Projects H
Dam Identification H
Farming in Idaho H
Fishery Concepts
Geographic Processes and the Visible Landscape
Historical Geography Scavenger Hunt H
History of the West using the Digital Atlas
Historic Population Chart
Searching the Digital Atlas H

Active Faulting in Idaho H
Basic Concepts of Geology H
Basin & Range Faulting H
Borah Peak Earthquake H
General Information on Accreted Terrane H
Geologic History of the Hagerman Fossil Beds H
Geology Basics
Geologic Maps
Glacier Basics H
Hagerman Diorama
Hagerman GIS Questions
Idaho Earthquakes H
The Hot Spot Hypothesis
Oregon Trail: exercise or lesson plan H

Groundwater Concepts H
Groundwater Resources H
Hydrology Basics
Lake Bonneville Flood: Eden H
Lake Bonneville Flood: Hagerman
Lake Bonneville Flood: Swiss Valley
Lake Bonneville Flood: Walters Bar
Path Map for the Lake Bonneville Flood H
Thermal Waters & Geologic Provinces H
Water, Rivers & Topography
Water Quiz H