Make a Wormery
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 3-6

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Earthworms are easy to raise and they will reproduce in captivity. The worms will furnish you with a ready supply of bait during the fishing season.

old aquarium or large glass jar soil decaying leaves
sand cornmeal black construction paper

Fill an old aquarium with alternate layers of garden soil, leaf mold (decaying leaves), and sand. Sprinkle each layer with a little water. On top of the last layer place small pieces of leafy vegetable and a handful of cornmeal. Dig up several earthworms from the backyard or off the sidewalk after an especially heavy rainfall. Transfer them to their new home. Cover the sides of the aquarium with dark paper for a week or two to encourage the worms to tunnel near the glass. As the earthworms consume the decayed vegetation they will keep turning the soil.

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Lesson Plan provided by Dr. Helen Challand and Elizabeth Brandt with permission from Science Activities from A to Z with illustrations by Herb Rudd, 2000
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