Geology Weblinks

Borah Peak Earthquake-summary with original newpaper articles:

Bruneau and Dunes:

City of Rocks:

Craters of the Moon:

Environmental Geology web class offered by ISU:

Hagerman Fossil Beds:

Idaho Geologic Survey: The Idaho Geological Survey is the lead agency in the state for the collection, archiving and publication of information and maps on the state's geology, geologic hazards and environmental geology, mineral deposits, mining activities, and energy resources. The IGS offers papers, digital geologic maps, guidebooks, topographic maps, and other geology-related publications for sale.

Idaho Mining Images:

Idaho Museum of Natural History Collections :

Keys to Soil Taxonomy:

Massacre Rocks:

United States Geologic Survey Home Page: Excellent site. The USGS has one of the better web sites online. Current news events are highlighted. Homepage topics divided into Biology, Geology, Mapping, and Water. Each topic branches into it’s own site and covers general issues all the way down to specific localities. The mapping site is exceptional.

United States Geologic Survey, Idaho: Outstanding resource for Idaho information on Biology, Geology, Mapping, and Wate r.

University of Nevada - Reno Richter scale page:

UNR Seismological Laboratory Page :