Educational Weblinks

Bagheera: A Web Site for Endangered Species Classroom:
This interactive classroom teaches students about endangered species. The classroom is a part of the Bagheera Endangered Species web site.

Boise State University:
Home page for Boise State University.

High Country News:
Small newspaper dedicated to issues prevalent in the West. Includes water issues, damns, water quality, mining, public land use, ranching and more.

Idaho Department of Fish & Game Educational Resources:
Great links and resources for teachers, and those who just want to learn more about Idaho's wildlife. included information on workshops and curent events.

Idaho Museum of Natural History:
Home page of the Idaho Museum of Natural History which acquires, preserves, studies, interprets and displays objects relating to the natural history of Idaho and the Northern Intermountain West for research and education purposes.

Idaho State University:
Home page for Idaho State University.

National Library for the Environment:
Expert-reviewed information about the Earth. For everyone.

Nature Serve:
A network connecting science with conservation.

Nature Mapping Program in Washington:
Home page of the Nature Mapping Program in the state of Washington. This is a good place to learn about native terrestrial and aquatic species in that state, as well as to see the educational outreach capabilities of the Internet in practice.

The Virtual Geosciences Professor:
3,600 resources in the Geosciences. Available in a File Maker Pro database for ease of distribution.

University of Idaho, Moscow:
Home page for U of I.

USGS Education
Education Resources by grade level created by the USGS.

WebElements 2000 Periodic Table
WebElements was the first periodic table on the WWW, and it an excellent resource for elemental chemistry information.

Environmental Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements:
This is an excellent site for discovering the concepts of chemistry and the periodic table of elements.