Snake River Basin: Water Level Measurements
The water table data from monitoring wells, provided by the USGS, contains measurements from more that 1300 wells within that portion of the Snake River Basin located in Idaho (see figure below). A summary of the information obtained from these wells is published by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the State of Idaho and other agencies in their annual report entitled Water Resources Data-Idaho. The majority of wells are located within those regions where competition for water has been more intense, such as the Eastern Snake River Plain.

Most wells show annual fluctuations of less than ten feet. Notable exceptions include wells in Bruneau, Willow, and Teton where annual fluctuations can vary to a maximum of 50 to 65 feet .

The figures below summarize the water table data.  The first figure list locations of wells used to illustrate changes in ground water levels.  The second figure illustrates the fluctuations in the water table over time. Click here to view image.

figure 1.


Information supplied by Idaho Water Resource Research Institute, University of Idaho December 1998
Authors: Dr. Gary Johnson, Donna Cosgrove, and Mark Lovell.
Graphics: Sherry Laney and Mark Lovell of Idaho Water Resource Research Institute.
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