The Snake River Basin
In this section, the Digital Atlas covers information about the Snake River Basin. Click on the topic below for information on these topics of Idaho hydrology.

Origin of the Snake River Plain
What is the Snake River Plain Aquifer?

Snake River Basin:
   Physical Description
   Tributary Basins
   The Importance of Tributary Basins to the Snake River
   Tributary Basin Relationships
   Land Use Data
   Water Level Measurements
   Stream Flow Data

Eastern Snake River Plain:
   Physical Description
   The Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer
   Changes in Water Use
   Recent Challenges in System Management
   Estimates of Surface & Ground Water Interaction
   Evaluation Methods
   Eastern Reach Maps

Western Snake River Plain:
   Treasure Valley-
      General Description
      Water Use
      Boise River
           Flow Systems
           Aquifer Recharge
Level Changes
   Treasure Valley Hydrology (IDWR website link)