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Pictures -Pocatello, Idaho

Panoramic photograph taken about 1922 by Todd Photographic. View looks straight northeast (so-called "East") along West Center Street. The old General Hospital is the white building west of the Portneuf River, at the corner of South Johnson and West Center. The Riverside hotel is south of West Center, west of the river. Note that houses line both banks of the still-natural Portneuf River. Red Hill can be seen on the right with the Academy of Idaho to the left of it. Note the coal smoke and cinders generated by the coal-fired steam engines of that time. The Union Pacific heating plant chimney is on the skyline to the left, with shop area immediately to the right.

The new Pocatello High School, rebuilt after the 1914 fire, can be seen to the right of the chimney. The large black structure on the horizon just to the right is the new coal tipple. The spire of St. Joseph's Catholic church and walled compound can be seen to the left of the chimney. Abe Lillibridge collection, Idaho State University.