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(above left) Portrait of Chief Arimo, around 1890. Idaho Museum of Natural History collection.

(above center) Leigh Gittins, discussing Henry O. Harkness, (September, 1989).

(above right) View looking southeast up Marsh Creek toward Arimo. Jensen Road is in the center of the view. The Utah & Northern right of way can be seen as a straight line with a few trees to the right (west) of the creek, south of Jensen Road. In the foreground the grade rounds a curve and is followed by a drainage ditch, full of water, (June, 1992).

(upper right) Site of Oneida Station west of Arimo, view looks southwest, (June, 1990).

(lower right) Narrow gauge right-of-way looking south beside Marsh Creek along Jensen Road west of McCammon. The trees on the right-of-way are river hawthorns (September, 1995).

(below left) Oxford Mountain after a spring snowstorm, looking south from Downey, (May, 1991). The steep-sided summit is not a volcanic cone, but an up-faulted north-south trending ridge of Late Proterozoic Brigham Group.

(below center) Union Pacific Freight Train, with a now-vanished caboose on the end (September, 1989). Photo is taken from the site of the Port Neuf toll bridge, looking west at the UP main line which crosses over what was formerly the Idaho Gold Road.

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