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Pictures - Idaho Railways
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(left) Pocatello Railroad Station and Union Pacific Special Passenger Train from Benton Street Bridge, looking north, (June, 1989).

(center) Union Pacific class 9,000 locomotive, "Union Pacific" Series (4-12-2), 1933. Photograph taken by Fred E. Dykes from the front yard of the Dykes' home near the old Kraft Cheese Plant, looking east at the Union Pacific mainline. This is the same engine pictured on p. 183. The U.P. tie plant storage yard is in the background. Ties were stored for a year or two to dry out, then run through the mill and then boiled in creosote. U.S. Highway 30 to American Falls is between the locomotive and the tie storage yard. Photo used courtesy of Fred W. Dykes.

(right) Union Pacific Railroad timetable, January 27, 1969. Click on image for a larger view.