Wildlife Canyon
Scenic Byway

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The route travels along the Banks/Lowman road. It can be accessed either at Banks along Idaho 55 or at Lowman along Idaho 21. Either point of access brings the traveler back to a route leading to Boise.

33 miles. Allow one hour. Allow 3 hours for the loop from Boise and back.

This is a two-lane roadway with no passing lanes but there are several turnouts for scenic viewing. The paved roadway is maintained year round, but often has a snow floor during winter months.

When to see it
There are year-round opportunities for wildlife viewing with exceptional elk viewing in winter and spring. In summer months this stretch of river is world renowned for rafting and kayaking.

Special Attractions
The winter range for elk is located within a five-mile section in the middle of the route near the Danskin river-access point. Visitors are treated to large herds along this area during winter and spring months. The migratory and nesting route for Canada geese is located here also. The South Fork of the Payette River offers world-class rafting and kayaking. Visitors are treated to the acrobatics of kayakers in class IV conditions along several points of the river. Commercial rafting companies offer several different trips down the river.

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