Thousand Springs
Scenic Byway

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Begins at Interstate 84 near Bliss and follows U.S. 30 southeast through Twin Falls to Idaho 50, then north on Idaho 50 to 1-84. Also U.S. 93 from Twin Falls north to 1-84.


67.8 miles. Allow 1.5 hours.


U.S. 30 and Idaho 50 are two-lane roads with some passing lanes.


When to see it
Year round. The Hagerman Valley is known for its very mild winters. The best time to see Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls is in early spring.


Special attractions
Thousand Springs; Hagerman Valley; Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument; Clear Springs Visual Center; Malad Gorge State Park; Niagara Springs State Park; Shoshone Falls; Twin Falls.

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