1. Bear Lake-Caribou S.B.
2. Gold Rush H.B.
3. Hells Canyon S.B.
4. Lake Coeur d'Alene S.B.
5. Mesa Falls S.B.
6. Northwest Passage S.B.
7. Panhandle H.B.
8. Payette River S.B.
9. Pend Oreille S.B.
10. Pioneer H.B.
11. Ponderosa Pine S.B.
12. Salmon River S.B.
13. Sawtooth S.B.
14. Teton S.B.
15. Thousand Springs S.B.
16. White Pine S.B.
17. Wildlife Canyon S.B.
18. City of Rocks B.C.B.
19. Owyhee Uplands B.C.B.

There are more than 50,000 miles of roads weaving through Idaho's picturesque landscape. Although all of Idaho's roads reveal the state's natural beauty, some roads have gained special status as Idaho's scenic and historic byways.

Scenic byways enjoy special protection and offer facilities such as expansive turnouts, overlooks, picnic areas, walkways, and campgrounds. And best of all, they pass through some of the most breathtaking and intriguing landscapes you'll ever see.

Each scenic byway offers travelers unique landscape, climate, and wildlife. A day's drive may include wild rivers, lush forests, deserts, and clear mountain lakes.

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