Craters of the Moon Virtual Tour

At first glance the volcanic landscape of Craters of the Moon may appear to be barren and lifeless. From your feet all the way to the horizon, the terrain seems to be—well "monotonous" would be a good description. You wouldn't be the first to have this feeling. This land has been called bleak, desolate, and even "black vomit from the bowels of the earth." But, first appearances can be very deceiving.

Take a virtual trip along the Monument's 7-mile loop drive and experience this unique place. You can see rivers of lava that have been convoluted into ropelike coils, or drop down beneath the surface of the flows and walk through a hollow tube of lava, or just try to figure out how the features called such strange names as squeeze outs, tree molds, or lava toes were created.

Your first stop is at the visitor center (#1), then follow the Loop Road by CLICKING on the remaining numbered sites on the map at left.  Along the route of your virtual tour you will discover that each site has its own essence—its own "personality." The unique characteristics of each site are briefly listed. For a more complete description of each site, additional photos and maps, also visit the hiking trail descriptions.