Frequently Asked Questions About
Craters of the Moon

The name "Craters of the Moon" tends to arouse curiosity. It implies something foreign and inhospitable.

The unusual landscape of the National Monument piques interest and gives rise to many questions.

This FAQ contains the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Craters of the Moon

* Where's the volcano?

* When did the eruptions occur?

* Did Native Americans ever live there?

* Who planted all the flowers?

* Did the astronauts really train there?

* Why does the wind always blow?

* How did the monument get its name?

* Will the volcanoes erupt again?

* If the Yellowstone Hot Spot is now so far away, why have the eruptions continued?

* Are there any volcanic bombs at Craters of the Moon?

* What are lava tubes?

* What makes Craters of the Moon so special geologically?

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