Nez Perce National Forest
The Nez Perce National Forest has 2.2 million acres of beautiful and diverse land. From the dry, rugged canyons of the Salmon River to the moist cedar forests of the Selway drainage, the forest offers something for everyone. This vast, diverse area is managed to provide a variety of goods and services including breathtaking scenery, wilderness, wildlife, fisheries, timber harvest, livestock grazing, mining, pristine water quality and a wide array of recreation opportunities.

The Nezperce National Forest (NPNF) was created by Executive Order No. 854 signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. That Order, which became effective July 1, 1908, established the Forest from lands given up by the Bitter Root and Weiser National Forests.

The Forest was the traditional home of the Ni Mii Pu (The People). The Ni Mii Pu were later named the Nez Perce Indians by the Lewis and Clark expeditions. We are proud of this name and the rich heritage it represents.

The Nez Perce National Forest is located in the heart of north-central Idaho. It stretches from the Oregon border on the west to the Montana border on the east; and is roughly bounded by the Selway River drainage on the north to the Salmon River on the south. It is located entirely within Idaho County and comprises approximately 50% of the entire county landbase.

Total acres 2,218,040

The Forest contains one wilderness in its entirety and parts of three others; nearly half of the Forest's total acres are classified wilderness:
* Gospel Hump Wilderness - 200,464 acres (entirely within NPNF)
* Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness - 105,736 acres in NPNF
* Selway Bitterroot Wilderness - 560,088 acres in NPNF
* Hells Canyon Wilderness - 59,900 acres in NPNF (administered by the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)
* Total = 926,188 acres of classified Wilderness

Wild and Scenic River System
The Nez Perce National Forest is known for its wild and pristine rivers. Four rivers are currently classified under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. They include:
* Rapid River - 12 miles
* Salmon River - 66 miles
* Selway River - 61 miles
* Middle Fork of the Clearwater River 11 miles
* Total = 150 miles

Roads and Trails
* Total miles of system roads - 3,908 miles
* Roads open with no closures or restrictions - 1,038 miles
* Roads with some or all use restricted - 2,870 miles
* Total miles of system trails - 2,906 miles
* Cross-country ski trails - 22 miles (7 miles reularly groomed)
* Groomed snowmobile trails - 500 miles

Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.
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