Niagara Springs Feeding System Stop #4
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The hatchery's outdoor raceway feeding system is completely automated. Two movable bridges span the rearing area.

A total of 19, Nielson automatic feeders are mounted on the bridges. The bridges move down the length of the rearing area and bulk feed is dispensed.  Feeders are supplied from two 20,000 pound storage bins by a conveyor system. Fish are fed a high nutrient diet designed to optimize growth.

Raceway cleaning is also automated. Three air blower motors supply weighted, perforated, air lines on the bottom side corner of each pond. The resulting water currents organic keep waste material suspended along the length of the ponds. This system minimizes the need to sweep waste from the ponds, and more closely resembles a natural environment.


Niagara Springs Waste Settling Ponds Stop #5
Two flow-through settling ponds (150 X 60 feet) remove solids from hatchery effluent by passive gravity separation.

These settling ponds handle all outflow from the raceways and nursery and meet Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for effluent water quality.

Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.