McCall Settling Ponds Stop #9

Have you been wondering where all the gravity-fed, through-flowing water supplying the hatchery ends up? All waters coming into the hatchery at the headbox eventually arrive at the lowest point on the hatchery grounds - the settling pond.

The pond is located in the northeastern corner of the grounds. All waters drain here where the settle for an extended period of time (as determined buy the clean water regulations that they hatchery must follow). Solid wastes slowly settle to the bottom of the pond, and the water gradually becomes clean.

Once the gravity settling of the solid wastes is completed, the clean waters are released through a weir to the Payette River.

As an additional precaution, prior to arriving in the settling pond, a vacum filtration system is used to clean water coming from the outdoor raceways.
Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.