Henry's Lake Fish Hatchery
Henrys Lake Hatchery is located on the north shore of Henrys Lake, in the Island Park area of Fremont County. The hatchery was established in 1924 to offset the potential loss of spawning habitat due to the construction of a dam at the outlet of the lake.

The hatchery presently contains 10 double stacks of Heath incubators with a total capacity of 2.2 million eggs. Water is supplied from Sherwood Springs with a total flow of 2.2 cubic feet per second and a temperature of 42º to 48º degrees Fahrenheit.

Historically the hatchery took eggs from spawning cutthroat trout and reared fish for stocking back into Henrys Lake. Production was very low due to limited rearing space, inadequate flow and primarily low water temperature. The program has changed over the years. Higher stocking requests and production of rainbow x cutthroat hybrids as well as cutthroat and brook trout, required that the fish be reared elsewhere. Henrys Lake Hatchery is no longer a hatchery in the true sense of the word. Fish are no longer hatched or reared there, but the facility still functions as an egg taking station. Cutthroat trout and rainbow x cutthroat hybrid eggs are now shipped to Mackay Fish Hatchery for rearing. Brook trout eggs are sent to Ashton Fish Hatchery for hatching and rearing.

Egg taking at Henrys Lake typically begins in early March with the production of rainbow x cutthroat hybrid eggs. When the requested number of hybrid eggs are produced the emphasis shifts to cutthroat egg production and continues through April. Brook trout eggs are also taken at the hatchery beginning in mid October and continuing until mid November.

Statewide requests for eggs vary from year to year and, subsequently, so does egg production. During 1998 Henrys Lake Hatchery produced 500,000 rainbow x cutthroat, 1.25 million cutthroat eggs.
Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.