Hagerman Fish Hatchery
Hagerman Fish Hatchery is the IDFG largest resident trout production facility. The hatchery raises several strains of rainbow trout and various specialty species for statewide distribution. Hagerman Hatchery, built in 1947, it is located approximately 30 miles west of Twin Falls on the Snake River. To reach the Hagerman Hatchery and Wildlife Management Area travel approximately 8 miles south on U.S. 30 from Hagerman to the hatchery entrance.

Funding is provided through IDFG license money. The hatchery is staffed with three permanent employees and a permanent transport operator. Twenty months of temporary labor are available for use during the year.

The hatchery water supply consists of approximately 42 cubic feet per second (cfs) from Tucker Springs and approximately 61 cfs from Riley Creek, although the quantity fluctuates seasonally. The Tucker Springs water serves the 2,045 cubic feet of rearing space in the hatchery building, 10,530 cubic feet of rearing space in the fingerling ponds, and up to 118,560 cubic feet of rearing space in the large production raceways. Riley Creek water supplies the 287,280 cubic feet of rearing space available in 12 additional raceways. The Tucker Springs water is a constant 59ºF year-around, and Riley Creek fluctuates from 52ºF to 67ºF on an annual basis.
Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.