Grace Fish Hatchery
The Grace Hatchery is slated for reconstruction during the summer of 2000. The springs will be collected and plumbed underground to prevent diseases. This water will be supplied to the large raceways through a new pipeline and valve system to allow better control of the flow through the raceways.

Grace Fish Hatchery is owned and operated by the IDFG and is funded by license sales. The hatchery was constructed in 1946 and is located seven miles south of Grace, Idaho. To reach the Grace Hatchery travel approximately 6 miles south of the town of Grace on highway 34 through the town of Niter approximately 1 mile. Turn east on Hatchery road, travel 1.5 miles east, 1 mile south to the hatchery entrance.

The objective of the hatchery is to produce catchable and fingerling rainbow trout for stocking primarily in Southeast Regional waters. The hatchery also produces several specialty species of trout of various sizes to meet statewide requests.

Middle and West Whiskey Creek springs are the water sources for the hatchery. Water temperature is a constant 52ºF.
Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.