Ashton Fish Hatchery
Ashton Hatchery is located in Fremont County in the Eastern part of Idaho. To reach this hatchery Travel north on State Highway 20 from Idaho Falls. Approximately one mile south of Ashton turn left onto the county road marked with the Ashton hatchery sign, then travel one mile west to the entrance of the hatchery.

The Ashton hatchery was originally constructed in 1920 and during 1998 produced 165,806 catchable sized rainbow trout for planting in the Upper Snake region as well as 389,184 fingerling fishes of 10 different species and strains for statewide use.

Ashton Hatchery serves as a "specialty station," rearing nine species of trout and salmon, including rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, golden trout, grayling, and Kamloops rainbow trout.

The majority of fish produced at Ashton Hatchery are fry and fingerling (1 to 6 inches) that are distributed throughout Idaho as part of various put-grow-and-take management programs. Catchable size fish (8 to 10 inches) are also reared at Ashton and distributed locally in waters managed on a put-and-take basis.
Written and compiled by Jacqueline Harvey 1999.