Idaho DemographicsIdaho Demographics
The state of Idaho has a long-standing reputation as a place of legends and change set in the midst of breathtaking landscapes. Wide-open deserts give way to forests and to towering granite mountain peaks. Pioneers, entrepreneurs, Native Americans, Explorers, Gold, High-Tech, High-Adventure...Idaho has a little of everything - a fact reflected in its rich natural history and demographic profile. The state is home to the theater, opera, ballet, symphonies, festivals, carnivals, rodeos, and more. Celebrations occur year-round, in every region. Many are imbued with regional and historical flair and follow traditions that date to Idaho's Native Peoples and earliest pioneers. Sporting and other outdoor events are commonplace.

Three major universities exist as a part of the Idaho higher education system: Idaho State University; the University of Idaho, Moscow and; Boise State University.

Scientific research and inquiry into the natural history of Idaho is of great importance at all three institutions, as well as at the Idaho Museum of Natural History, the Idaho Geologic Survey and other organizations around the state.

The United States Forest Service plays a significant role in the state as well. They manage and study a large percentage of Idaho's forests in addition to large areas of rangeland. The BLM also manages and studies Idaho Rangelands. Both agencies employ large numbers of Idahoans.

Agriculture and timber-related industries are also significant employers, as are the mining industries. Hi-tech industry is one of  the fastest-growing in the state (centered in the Boise metropolitan area).

DOE's Idaho Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) is another significant resource for the state. As are the recreation and tourism related industries such as Idaho's Fisheries.

Significant natural resources found within Idaho boundaries include: timber, water, silver, lead, phosphate, gold, molybdenum, sand, gravel, building stone, limestone, copper, garnets and zinc.

Primary agricultural industry products include: potatoes, hay, wheat, sugar beets, cherries, peaches, beef, dairy products, apples, hatchery trout.

The most important manufactured goods produced include: french fries, sugar, canned fruit and vegetables, particleboard, computers, farm machinery and supplies, paper products, phosphate fertilizers.

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