Hatchery Trout

State Rank for US Production (1996):
1st in nation

Percent Total US Production (1996):

Dollar Value of Production (1,000s):

Hatchery raised steelhead and rainbow trout are significant crops for Idaho. Ample supplies of easily regulated cold springs and hot springs across the state have allowed aquaculture of all kinds to flourish. Over 120 hatcheries are currently in operation within Idaho.

The Thousand Springs area of the Magic Valley in particular is a prominent aquaculture area. Idaho trout farming began in the valley with construction of the Snake River Trout Company in 1928. Spring water in this area originates from the Mountains to the east where it sinks into the ground and becomes a part of the Snake Rive Plain Aquifer. During its journey to the Magic Valley, the water is purified via natural filtration and cooled to a constant 58 degrees - ideal conditions for rearing rainbow trout.

In addition to trout, Idaho's fish farms also raise catfish and salt water prawns.


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