Acer glabrum
(Bigtooth Maple)

Subclass: Rosidae
Order: Sapindales
Family: Aceraceae
Family Description: Maple

Key Characteristics:
Large shrub or small tree; up to 15 M tall; brown twigs and branches. (Bigtooth Maple, Wasatch Maple)
  • orbicular in outline
  • opposite
  • palmately veined
  • 3 large lobes, 2 lesser ones
  • green and glabrous above, pubescent on lower surface
  • turn orange in fall
  • few rounded teeth rather than numerous sharp teeth
  • none
  • 3 cm long double winged v-shaped samara

General Description:
Large shrub or usually a small tree which grows on moist canyon sides, along streams or in ravines which are surrounded by sage brush. Extra large specimens may grow to 50 feet tall and 1 foot in diameter.
   The apetalous flowers are about the size of a dime, yellowish in color, not showy, and are bisexual.
  The 2-winged, u-shaped fruits form an angle of about 120 degrees. These are eaten by rodents.
  Can be recognized by:
1. Three lobed leaves with blunt or rounded teeth and sinuses.
2. Leaves turn reddish-orange in the fall.

Montana to Idaho, south to Texas and Arizona.

H ills, ravines, sometimes along streams.

The trunks can be tapped for syrup.

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Photos and Information written by Dr. Karl E. Holte,© 2002