Family: Betulaceae
(Birches & Alders)

Genus: Acer

Family: Betulaceae (Maples)
    Idaho species are .

Genus: Alnus (Alders)
     Members of this genus tend to grow along streams in forests. The leaves and bark are boiled into a strong tea which is used for external washes, and internally as an astringent which is believed to tone the lining of the small intestine which improves nutrient absorption and fat metabolism. Bark from new branches were boiled to make a soft brown, reddish brown, or orange dye depending on the species. Some Flatheads even dyed their hair a flaming red. Blackfeet Indians drank the hot tea for tuberculosis of lymph glands and Kootenai women drank it to regulate their menstrual period.

Genus: Betula
    The members of this genus are .

Information by Dr.Karl E. Holte, ©2001.