Ledum glandulosum
(Rusty Menziesia)

Subclass: Dilleniidae
Order: Ericales
Family: Ericaceae
Family Description: Heath

Key Characteristics:
Also known as Smith Fool’s Huckleberry, Mock Azalea, Rusty-leaf or Rusty Menziesia.
  • deciduous, thin, brown pilose and glandular above, pale green & glandular-pubescent below, 3-6 cm long, ovate-elliptic to elliptic-obovate, crenate-serrulate margined, apex apiculate to rounded
  • 2-8 in terminal umbels on glandular pedicels;
  • calyx glandular-ciliate margined;
  • corolla urceolate, pinkish or yellowish-red, 6-9 mm long;
  • stamens with filaments globose to sparsely hairy at base, anthers dehiscing by terminal pores, without appendages
  • ovoid capsule about 8 mm long

General Description:
Deciduous, erect, slender shrubs, 2-3 meters tall with alternate, obovate, thin, oblong to obovate-elliptic leaves; fruit a capsule.

Alberta and British Columbia east to Wyoming, west to eastern Washington and Oregon, along Columbia River to Mount Hood and Mount Adams.

Found in moist woodlands and streambanks of mountains.

No human uses found.

Important State References:
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Photos and Information written by Dr. Karl E. Holte,© 2002