Chlosyne palla
Northern Checkerspot

Note: This species is referred to by the genus name Charidryas by some authors.

Alternate Common Names:Creamy Checkerspot, Pale Checkerspot.



Range: A western species, it ranges from southern British Columbia and Alberta south through most of California and south to northern Utah and western Colorado. It occurs throughout most of Idaho.

This species tends to occur in open areas such as sagebrush steppe, chaparral, meadows, and open woodlands.


Young caterpillars feed in groups, often in a small silk nest. There is one generation of caterpillars each summer. They overwinter in a physiological state called diapause, then emerge in spring to continue feeding and molting until they are ready to pupate. Adults generally fly from mid-March to August in most of its range but may fly later at high elevations.

Males perch to wait for receptive females, or may actively patrol for them. Females lay clusters of eggs on the bottomsides of the leaves of host plants.

Idaho Status: Unprotected nongame species.
Global Rank:

G4; population levels are secure, but may be of concern in the future.


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