Hesperia comma
Common Branded Skipper

Note: This is really a complex comprised of many species or subspecies.


Idaho Status: Unprotected nongame species.

Global Rank: G5; populations are widespread, abundant, and secure.


Range: This widespread species is holarctic, which means it can be found in the temperate regions of the entire Northern Hemisphere. In North America, it occurs from central Alaska and the northwestern Canadian territories south to northern Idaho and western Montana, and east across Canada to the east coast, extending south into the northern portions of the Great Lakes states and Maine.

The preferred habitat is open, sunny areas such as fields, meadows, and forest openings.


Caterpillars live in nests of leaves tied with silk. Each summer, there is one generation of caterpillars. In most of its range, the eggs overwinter. In the arctic, the species may be biennial, with the older caterpillars or pupae also overwintering in a physiological state called diapause. Adults generally fly from early June to mid-September.

Males perch to wait for receptive females. Females lay eggs on or near host plants.


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