Dendroica nigrescens
(Black-throated Gray Warbler)

Order: Passeriformes
Order Description: Passerines
Family: Parulidae
Family Description: Wood Warblers

Physical Description:
4 1/2-5" (11-13 cm). Black crownClick word for definition, white eyebrow, black eyestripe, white moustache, black chin; yellow spot between eye and bill. White below with black streaking on flanksClick word for definition. Dark gray above with two white wing bars and tail edged with white. Females have white chin.

Similar Species- Black-and-white Warbler, Blackpoll

Starts with repeated whistles on the same note, then rises and gets buzzy.

Breeds from southwestern British Columbia, western Washington, central Oregon, southwestern Idaho, northern Utah, southwestern Wyoming, and northwestern and central Colorado, south in mountains to Arizona, eastern and southern New Mexico, and northern Mexico. Winters from western and southern California and southern Arizona, south to portions of northern Mexico.

Found in dry, open forests and woodlands, and in brushland and chaparralClick word for definition. May inhabit fir forests, edges of clearings, or juniper/pinyon/oak scrub on slopes, foothills, and canyons. In winter, can be found in arid mountain woodlands, including pine/oak. In Idaho, species is associated with juniper stands.

Feeds mainly on insects (moths, butterflies, beetles, ants, etc.). May also eat leaf galls and a few spiders.

An inconspicuous, retirng bird. Builds nest in coniferousClick word for definition (sometimes deciduousClick word for definition) tree. Forages among leaves in bushes and trees. Seen singly or in pairs; may be seen in small groups while migrating. Jays, crows, and snakes prey on eggs and young.

Female incubatesClick word for definition 3-5 (usually 4) eggs. Young are tended by both parents.

Element Code: ABPBX03070
Status: Protected nongame species
Global Rank: G5
State Rank: S3,NTMB
National Rank: N5B,NZN

Important State References:
No references are available at this time.

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