Leucosticte atrata
(Black Rosy Finch)

Order: Passeriformes
Order Description: Passerines
Family: Fringillidae
Family Description: Finches, Crossbills, and Grosbeaks

Physical Description:
Length 6.25". Black head, chest and back, with a wedge of gray from the napeClick word for definition to the eye. The wings, belly and rump are rosy colored, mixed with brown. The female has less gray in the nape.

Similar Species- Gray crowned Rosy Finches.

Calls a series of "cheew" notes.

Breeds in rocky alpine habitats in central Idaho, southwestern Montana, the Tetons, and the Ruby mountains near Elko, Nevada.

Barren, rocky or grassy areas with cliffs among glaciers above treeline. Winters in open areas at lower elevations, sometimes visiting human habitation with feeders.

Insects and other invertebrates in the spirng and summer, seeds and other plant parts in the fall and winter.

Not truly territorial in that the male follows the female wherever she goes. Feed on snowbanks at high elevations and glean insects that are too cold to move. In winter they flockClick word for definition, with Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches on exposed ridges and near feeders. At night they roostClick word for definition in caves, mine shafts, or in abandoned Cliff Swallow nests.

monogamousClick word for definition. Female builds a cup nest in a cliff crevice where she lays 4-5 eggs. Female incubatesClick word for definition for 12-14 days, then the altricialClick word for definition young are fed for an additional 16-22 days by both male and female.

Element Code: -
Status: Protected nongame species
Global Rank: G?
State Rank: S?
National Rank: -

Important State References:
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