Archaeology Reports Table Definitions
The Archaeological reports catalog of the IMNH database consists of a number of related tables. The central table of the relation is the ArchaeologyReports table, which contains the information about the report its self.

Additional information is provided through two linking tables. One linking table, AuthorToReport, links the ArchaeologyReports table to the Author table, which contains information about the authors of the report.

The other linking table, Location, is used to not only store locational information, but also to link the Sties table to the ArchaeologyReports table.
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Table: ArchaeologyReports
Table: Author
Name Type Size
Report number Text 10
AgencyReportNumber Text 10
PublicationTitle Text 200
SeriesName Text 200
Volume Text 8
Number Text 8
NumberOfPages Text 8
MonthlyQuarterly Text 10
WherePublished Text 35
Publisher Text 50
PublicationYear Long Integer 4
HomeLocation Text 35
EnteredBY Text 35
EntryDate Date/Time 8
Accession# Text 8
Received Long Integer 4
REC# Long Integer 4
Name Type Size
id Long Integer 4
lastname Text 50
firstname Text 50
Table: AuthorToReport
Name Type Size
author Long Integer 4
report Text 50
Table: Location
Name Type Size
Location Long Integer 4
ReportNumber Text 10
SiteNumber Text 12
County Text 10