Method of Excavation

In the excavation at Wasden in 1965 the grid system was set up using two-meter excavation test units, with a North-South axis and an East-West axis. As such the grid system was labeled with a three character name, eastern side of the site carrying an "E" designation, western side of the site carrying a "W", followed by a number (x-axis) and a letter (y-axis). Most of the excavation took place in the eastern section of Owl Cave, at five centimeter arbitrary excavation levels. Although the unit that was selected for the recovery of microfauna, due to its location under ledge assumed to be used as a prehistoric owl roost (Guilday 1969:47), was screened in 10 centimeter arbitrary levels. The excavation used 3/8" screen. Later excavations used the same grid system, but using varied excavation levels and screen. The western part of the cave went unexcavated due to heavy rockfall uncovered less than meter below site surface (Butler 1968b:7).

Figure 8. Excavation unit at Wasden.
Figure 7. Excavation of layer 17, "the Bison Bone Bed", from Butler 1968b, figure 10.
Figure 34. Wasden grid, Butler 1968b figure 6.


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